In the last five editions of the Biennale exhibition in Venice, Pier Giorgio Bonassin has always been present whith his photographic equipment to observe the atmosphere of the exhibition, to record the evolution of the Art, the visitors' behaviour, and to gather among the visitors, instants and meaningful moments of prestigious lagoon review. An investigation able to describe, in concrete, the atmosphere that reigns in this exhibition, since the first edition, in the remote 1895. The photographer camera has looked through the exhibition, in a context that from decades by now it represents a stage of world resonance.

The author suggest us a series of " Rivisitazioni", iconic segments captured among the spaces of different cultural worlds, in some contrasted cases, in other peculiar among them, however always dynamic, from 1986 at today: a proposal of ambitious search that today, partly, is made public, but that is only a fragment, an important intermediary point, that will become more and more interesting in the next future. A  project that it will be used, sooner or later, to integrate the most representative documents of a part of history of this "Institution of Public Utility and Beneficence", like said the Venice Municipality in 19th April 1893.

A sequence of images, therefore, capable to combine fom one side the photographic search elaborated by Pier Giorgio Bonassin, and from the other one the evolution of the Art in the last decade, in Italy and in the rest of the World. Images that underline the tendencies, the most important events, the cultural solicitations that have characterized the different editions, making the "Biennale" a visible platform of the Word Art, able to condition the Art evolution and to articulate his conceptual walk in the time and in the space.

An elaborate "colour search" deep inside the Biennale, in which are sufficiently, underlined, in synthesis, the different artistic languages that are matured in the investigsted historical time. The Bonassin "Iconographic Observations" are dynamic synthesis of different conceptual universes, of the artistic worlds in evolution, that the time has recorded and delivered to the history of the cultural events. Memories, that the author records and project in to the future with the putpose to do a secret, almost intimate, record, of his visits to the Biennale exhibition.

Ten years of "Cultural Movements"; important conceptual routes, in which new artistic landing-places are matured, new cognitive thematic, new interpretative investigations, new study motivations, new expression ways and new descriptive dynamics in the universe of the culture and of the Art.

Ten years in which Pier Giorgio Bonassin has improved his way to read, in iconic way, the subjects and the objects of the reality, that it sets as a pretext of his photographic search, to interpret and to conceptualize his observations, it's internal choices, that then it transmits through the images as a descriptions of concrete reality, without invading the fields of the easy abstractions or pseudo interpretations, forcedly modern.

                                                                                                      Fausto Raschiatore